Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fake Hermès Scarf

People can't stop manufacturing fakes of everything, can they??? From food to fashion. You can find fake just about on everything.

Fake Hermes scarves, oh yes ... plenty of those too. Some are of good quality and some are not. You can easily tell them apart. This one is an example.

Poor quality of color print

Presence of Hermès-Paris but still a fake

Colors are dull

Wrong white tag
Did you notice that the scarf has machine-embroidered edge???

Hermès scarves do not stitch the tag this way

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Balenciaga Mini Ballerina Keychains

Yes, it's been raining Balenciaga for the past few weeks. I wasn't really into the ballerinas until I saw these. They are very cute actually ... Like doll shoes because they are so tiny.

Balenciaga Mini Ballerina Keychains
Top Row: Fluo pink, fluo blue and fluo orange
Bottom Row: Fluo green, baby pink and baby blue

Monday, July 23, 2012

Balenciaga FW2012/2013 Mini Mini First Keychains

I just received these mini mini First keychains so decided to take a group picture of them. The rainbow color makes a great eye candy!

Balenciaga Mini Mini First Keychains
Top Row: Mangue and Vert Poker
Middle Row: Bleu Cobalt, Rose Bruyere and Bleu Atlantique
Bottom Row: Rose Blush and Cassis

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Balenciaga Mini Mini City Keychain

Following the mini mini First keychain and mini Ballerina, Balenciaga has released mini mini City into their keychain collection. It is slightly bigger than mini mini First and is big enough to accommodate cards or lipstick.

Balenciaga Mini Mini City Keychain
Coquelicot Chevre
Front View

Balenciaga - Paris Metal Plate
Back View

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fake Hermès Constance Belt

Yes, another fake Hermes item. This time round is the Constance belt. I received these pictures from a friend of mine. Apparently a buyer had purchased a number of this belt on eBay and realized that something is wrong when she received them. An Hermes Constance belt set is retailing for more than US$1000 here in Singapore so if you see this belt (in new/unused condition) at a low price, most probably it is a fake. Honestly, most of the Hermes Constance belts listed on eBay are fake. So, do some research before you buy.

Yes, fake items come with box and accessories too
Authentic Hermès belt sets don't come with those kind of tags

The stitching and blindstamp is off

The engraving is  faint

Notice that the string color used for the dust bag is wrong
It should be dark brown instead of dark greenish tone

For those who are familiar with Hermès belts will notice
that the stitching is off