Monday, July 9, 2012

Fake Hermès Constance Belt

Yes, another fake Hermes item. This time round is the Constance belt. I received these pictures from a friend of mine. Apparently a buyer had purchased a number of this belt on eBay and realized that something is wrong when she received them. An Hermes Constance belt set is retailing for more than US$1000 here in Singapore so if you see this belt (in new/unused condition) at a low price, most probably it is a fake. Honestly, most of the Hermes Constance belts listed on eBay are fake. So, do some research before you buy.

Yes, fake items come with box and accessories too
Authentic Hermès belt sets don't come with those kind of tags

The stitching and blindstamp is off

The engraving is  faint

Notice that the string color used for the dust bag is wrong
It should be dark brown instead of dark greenish tone

For those who are familiar with Hermès belts will notice
that the stitching is off


  1. Thanks for putting this blog together, which I find useful for people like me who is looking to purchase Hermes items online I.e eBay or Rakuten etc.

    I have read from other sites that genuine Hermes items does not come with any authenticity card so just to check with you if this is true? I'm also looking to purchase a Hermes H buckle from this seller on eBay (superpuschen from Germany) and seriously have no idea how to tell if her buckle is real or fake.

  2. There is no authenticity card for genuine Hermes items. There is a lot of fake Hermes belt buckle on eBay so please be careful. I recommend doing research before buying.

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks so much for your reply and confirmation on the authenticity card issue as the seller insist that they are real.

      As for the other buckle which I am interested in and sold by superpuschen (, she has been very high and mighty as she said she only sells genuine Hermes items since 2004 but the buckle pic which she has emailed me shows the "Hermes" print/logo on the side of the buckle but without the manufacturing alphabet. Is this normal or it is definitely fake? Also, the Hermes print is rather light.

      Too bad I could not post the pics to you to verify.

      Thanks a million again for your advise!


    2. Hi again,

      Sorry but that buckle is a fake.

    3. Hi there!

      Thanks for the confirmation as the seller was adamant that it is genuine.

      Anyway I have gotten a decent piece from a Japanese seller instead.

      Really appreciate you for setting this up and for helping to answer queries!