Friday, March 29, 2013

Fake Hermès Animal Charm

I found this on eBay. It's a fake Hermès monkey charm and it is listed as authentic! They fake everything nowadays and not just bags!

Poor finishing and what's up with the barcoded sticker?!

The face is embossed and is not crafted from leather pieces

The stamping is wrong

Hardware on Hermès animal keychain is not of metal but sterling silver

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Louis Vuitton Mini Malle Chapeaux

I am an avid collector of Louis Vuitton miniature trunk. So far, there are 3 miniature trunks in my collection including this one. This particular trunk is a ladies' hats trunk which is  a 1895 model. This trunk in its real size can hold up to six  medium-sized hats. Inside the trunk, there is a cage deep enough to accommodate wide-brimmed hats and a flat shelf for flatter hats.

The best thing is this miniature is fully functional. Meaning it opens up and you can store small trinkets in it. This miniature is a definitely a must for Louis Vuitton collectors!

Louis Vuitton Mini Malle Chapeaux (Front View)

Side View

A Cage and a Flat Shelf

Other Side View