Saturday, September 29, 2012

JUST IN From The US! Bath & Body Works (BBW) Products

I have brought in some Bath & Body Works products since I can't get them in Singapore. They have cute pocketbac holders, lip carriers and scentportables. I wish I could keep them all :). On top of that, I do have the pocketbac hand gel, lipglosses and scentportable discs. Stock for each product is very limited.

Bath & Body Works always come out with new pocketbac hand gel scents and pocketbac holders every season. If there is a design/scent that you like, better grab it fast before it is gone.

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Bath & Body Works Lip Carrier

Bath & Body Works Lip Glosses

Bath & Body Works PocketBac Holders

Bath & Body Works (Plain) PocketBac Holders

Bath & Body Works Scentportables

Bath & Body Works PocketBac Anti-bacteria Hand Gel

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Busted! Counterfeit Hermès Birkin Ring

As reported by Dailymail UK on 15th June 2012, Hermes managed to catch the mastermind behind the production of counterefeit Birkins. Apparently, this is a large scale operation involving some of the brand's employees. It is a shocking news. So, now we know where all the mirror replica Birkins come from.

Read more of the story here.


Multi-million-dollar counterfeit Birkin ring revealed to be run by Hermes STAFF as police bust global knock-off operation

By Victoria Wellman

Luxury design house, Hermès has finally caught the people responsible for peddling imitation bags - and some of them work at the company. Using internal monitoring systems, Hermès along with the French national police, spent a year watching out for clues and any abnormal behaviour.

Two individuals have now been fired though several others who remain working for the design house are suspected to be involved. The surveillance was part of an investigation into the international crime ring that robs the brand of millions of dollars every year.

During the raid, police found clandestine workshops bursting at the seams with precious leather skins for making the counterfeit accessories. The ring that has distribution outlets in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, is thought to be able to generate $22million through one branch alone.

The Paris public prosecutor told WWD: 'Hermès is very satisfied with the efficient and diligent collaboration established with the national gendarmerie in this case and reiterates its relentless commitment to fighting counterfeiting.

'This action puts an end to the fraudulent project in progress.'

According to the French National Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, Hermès is not the only victim of such a racket which costs France $7.5billion in lost revenue annually.

In response to the threat, French luxury goods association Comitè Colbert has already taken action to raise awareness of the issue by launching a campaign with playful slogans such as: 'Buy a fake Cartier, get a genuine criminal record' and 'Real ladies don't like fake.'

The ads are to remind travellers passing through the country's airports of the zero-tolerance approach the police has towards the buying and selling of fake luxury products.

With its iconic Birkin bag and extravagant silk scarves, Hermès is a popular brand name for counterfeiters.

Hermès CEO Patrick Thomas' attempts to have internet providers, search engines and social media sites held accountable for facilitating the sale of fake goods seems to be paying off however, even if slowly.

A U.S. court recently ordered 34 websites offering imitation Hermès items to pay the company $100million in compensation.

'Eighty percent of objects sold on the Internet under the Hermès name are fakes,' he fumed. 'It's an absolute disgrace.'