Saturday, March 9, 2013

Louis Vuitton Mini Malle Chapeaux

I am an avid collector of Louis Vuitton miniature trunk. So far, there are 3 miniature trunks in my collection including this one. This particular trunk is a ladies' hats trunk which is  a 1895 model. This trunk in its real size can hold up to six  medium-sized hats. Inside the trunk, there is a cage deep enough to accommodate wide-brimmed hats and a flat shelf for flatter hats.

The best thing is this miniature is fully functional. Meaning it opens up and you can store small trinkets in it. This miniature is a definitely a must for Louis Vuitton collectors!

Louis Vuitton Mini Malle Chapeaux (Front View)

Side View

A Cage and a Flat Shelf

Other Side View

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