Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fake Hermès Birkin

Pheeeew ... I understand that some people want to get their hands on Birkins without the waitlist and without having to splurge on thousands of dollars before being offered one. Actually, it is pretty frustrating especially if you live in Asia where the availability of Birkins is very low. Some people have to wait for years before getting one and some people don't even get it. 

So, the other option is to go to resellers and online websites. I am not saying that all these resellers and websites are not legit. It is just that you have to be extra careful when you decide to buy something from other sources which are not the authorized retailers.

Taking as an example, this gold Birkin 40. For your information, it was listed on a reputable online website. The bag had been authenticated prior listing and passed as an authentic. Yet, this is actually a fake. Take a look at the pictures yourself.

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