Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fake Hermès Birkin Bag?

When it comes to branded bags and accessories, there are bound to be fakes produced using cheap and low quality materials. As the time goes by coupled with increasing intelligence, replicas have now become better in quality and appearance. These replicas are referred to as 'super fakes'. To some people, these super fakes may look like real ones. However, no matter how good a fake bag is, it still has some flaws.

I used to post pictures of certain areas on bag that can determine its authenticity. Unfortunately, with the fakers moving about everywhere on the internet, I've decided not to do so anymore. The information can be misused to produce better super fakes. I detest fakes and I do not wish anyone to be fooled into buying one. It requires many years of experience and handling of numerous Hermes bags before one can identify fakes.

An authentic Hermes bag is crafted from the best material by a skilled craftsman. Any imperfection on the bag is unacceptable and will be destroyed at the workshop. Each bag produced will undergo a strict quality control and will be inspected by a master-craftsman.

I've been around on eBay for too long to see how many people were scammed into buying fakes and paid high price for them. It's painful lesson learnt in a hard way so I would like to help by providing basic information whenever it is possible. Since there are many Hermes bags that have been faked apart from Birkin and Kelly, I'll segregate the information in different section for easy reference.

There are a few things to note before buying an Hermes Birkin bag. These information will be updated accordingly whenever I come across new findings.

#1 Items that are never present on an authentic Hermes Birkin bag
An Hermes Birkin bag purchased directly from the stores will not have a leather hang tag shown at the picture below.

Authentic Hermes Birkin does not have a leather hang tag

An authentic Hermes bag does not come with an orange Hermes card like shown below. I've seen the same card on other fake Hermes wallets.

An orange Hermes card from a fake Birkin

#2 Shape and overall appearance
An authentic Hermes Birkin bag will not look out of shape. Everything should look proportional. I doubt anyone would want to spend thousands of dollars on bags that look like they've been run over by a truck.

Fake yellow Birkin

The following pictures show fake Birkin bags in crocodile and ostrich leather. Even the leather look so plastic. Can you see how out of shape the crocodile Birkin bag is?

Fake crocodile Birkin
Fake ostrich Birkin

#3 Date stamp and craftsman ID
This is a date stamp on a fake Birkin bag. Surprised? Even fake Birkin bags now have a date stamp and a craftsman ID.

Date stamp on a fake Birkin

Date stamp on a fake Birkin

#4 Shape and stitching on clochette
Shape and stitching on the clochette can give an indication on the authenticity of a Birkin bag. Clochette on fake Hermes Birkin bags have poor stitching and an awkward shape.

Clochette on a fake ostrich Birkin
Clochette on a fake Hermes bag
Clochette on a fake Hermes bag

#5 Receipt
Presence of receipts does not constitute the authenticity of an Hermes bag. There are fake Hermes store receipts and I have seen them before.

#6 Packaging
Some sellers do include complete Hermes packaging (dust bag, box, ribbon, rain cover, etc.). They might have collected the original packaging and put them up for sale together with a fake bag so some people may think that it is authentic Hermes bag.

How does a fake Birkin bag look like?

Fake Hermes Birkin Bag #1
Examine the pictures below. You think it is an authentic Hermes Birkin bag? You are absolutely wrong! It is not a super fake but it's quite a good copy.

Handles are a bit off
Heat stamp position is a bit off
Uneven stitching
Zipper pull is wrong
Stitching at the edge of pocket is wrong
Stitching on handle is wrong

Fake Hermes Birkin Bag #2
I found another fake Hermes Birkin bag. This one is better than fake Hermes Birkin bag #1 and comes with complete packaging. It even has a printed Hermes boutique receipt! The seller has zero or no feedback, by the way. So, you are advised to avoid zero feedback sellers at all cost.

Don't be fooled by the appearance
Complete packaging & accessories (Unfortunately, the dust bag looks fake)
A printed receipt from Hermes store (Impressive!)
Stitching on clochette is terrible
Oooops, the leather zipper pull looks fake
Something doesn't look right
Unclear back picture of the bag
The handles look too long
The four corners look wrong

Fake Hermes Birkin Bag #3
Here is another fake Hermes Birkin Bag. Ciel color was introduced in 2009 and the fake version is out within a year time. That's pretty quick, don't you think? 

Handles look off
Okay, there's a protective felt just like authentic Birkin
So what? It's still a fake
The clochette strap looks funny
Stitching looks fake
Stitching on pocket looks strange
A fake Birkin bag does come with a pack of rain cover
Fake date stamp
Side view of the bag

Back view of the bag
Corner view of the bag
The other corner view of the bag
Plastic protective sticker on the feet. Wow!

Please read these general guidelines here if you want to avoid buying fakes when making an online purchase. Don't waste your hard-earned money without knowing what you are buying.


  1. Hi there,
    May i ask for you help?
    I want to buy hermes birkin bag on internet, but i'm not sure about its authenticity.
    Therefore, is it possible for you to identify it for me?
    Thank you!

  2. You are saying that a fake comes with a pack of rain cover,But the original aswell!
    from Mycloset :
    " What comes with Hermes Birkin?

    It comes with dust bag for the bag, dust bag for locker, two rain coats for the bag, leather care booklet, and sure the signature orange box. If anyone trying to sell you a Birkin or any Hermes leather product with an authenticity card! then defiantly it’s a knock off