Monday, August 16, 2010

Tips on How to Avoid Buying Fakes ...

I understand that most people would want to save money (if it is possible) when buying branded bags and accessories. I would do the same if I could save myself from paying full retail price. Unfortunately, with replicas flying around in the market, it is hard not to fall into a trap set up by unscrupulous resellers. If you buy replicas knowingly, then there is no issue.

The information on this page is compiled mainly for those who wish to find a good bargain on authentic items. Please read the following general guidelines before you decide to buy a branded bag from resellers.

#1 Avoid seller with zero or no feedback when buying through auction sites
Check the resellers' feedback. As a rule of thumb, I will never advise anyone to buy branded items from resellers who have zero or no feedback, no matter how many branded items they have in their listings. First, you do not know if these resellers are selling authentics or replicas. Some resellers do copy other people's pictures for their listings. Second, you don't know how reliable the resellers are. The pictures might show authentic items but what about the actual items?

This point may hurt those resellers who sell authentic items but it is inevitable because most replica resellers fall into this category.

#2 Do not buy from resellers who post only 1 or single picture
I will not buy from a reseller who only post a single picture of the item. I would want to see a complete pictures of the item, comprehensive description (condition or flaw) as well as the items included with the purchase.

#3 Always buy from a reputable resellers
Reputable resellers means resellers who have earned a track record of selling branded items (bags, wallets, etc.) and not shopping bags, dust bags, ribbons, boxes, etc.

#4 Do not fall for a low price
Some replicas resellers use pictures of authentic items and sell them at a low price to lure buyers. Authentic items in new condition and low price just don't fit together. Please exercise caution when you come across this kind of offer.

At auction sites, some reputable resellers do list their items at a low starting price to attract bidders. Again, please review the listing carefully and make sure you know what you are bidding on.

#5 Pay for your high-value purchases using credit card(s)
Always pay for your high-value purchases with credit card(s). Some credit card companies cover for your online purchases. If you purchase on eBay and pay via PayPal, you will be covered under their buyers' protection policy.

#6 Receipts and packagings do not guarantee authenticity
Many people have wrong conception that existence of receipts or complete packaging guarantee the authenticity of an item and vice versa. I've seen replicas resellers post picture of original receipt and packaging with fake bags. Not just bags are faked but receipts as well. Yes, there are fake Hermes receipts that I've seen with my own eyes. So, please be aware of this.

Non-existence of receipt or packaging does not mean the item is not authentic. Again, please check resellers feedback or reputation as well as any information pertaining to the item.

#7 Get assistance if you feel unsure
There are websites that provide guidelines on how to spot for replicas and forums (i.e. the Purse Forum) that provide free assistance in authenticating branded items. You can also go to websites (MyPoupette and Carol Diva) that provide authentication service at a nominal fee.

Last but not least, have a safe shopping!

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