Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hermès Pompons?

Hermes pompons are one my favourite bag accessories. They were made in a few color combinations and also in a few materials, i.e. silk, leather and wool. Too bad these pompons were available only for a short period of time and it seems that each store had a very limited inventory.

I guess not many knew the existence of these pompons until around last year. The most popular ones are the wool and silk pompons bag charm. These are very rare and can fetch a high value if they end up on eBay. I saw a few were sold between USD900 and USD1300. Yes, that's the correct figure and no kidding!

Lambskin Carmencita Pompons Pagemarker

Small Silk Pompons Pagemarker

Silk Pompons Bag Charm

Wool Pompons Bag Charm

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